How to become a minimalist?

How to become a minimalist?

If you don’t live in a cave, you must have heard of minimalism. This way of life consists of living with less, decluttering your house, and being satisfied with the necessary without having the slightest superfluous thing.

Some say that minimalism makes it possible to live more serenely, others think that it is only a fashion and that it is only a passing fancy which will not last, and will run out of steam as quickly as it is. appeared.

However, it must be admitted that this way of life and this state of mind (because, yes, it is a real state of mind to adopt) is very successful, and continues to be talked about at this moment, whether on social media or in real life.

But, why become a minimalist?

Becoming minimalist is a choice that should not be taken lightly because it will radically change your life, as well as that of the people who live under the same roof as you.

Minimalism allows you to put things back in place, and to keep only the essentials, which allows many to refocus on the necessary, and to eliminate the superfluous from their lives.

This brings serenity, and appeasement, but also saves considerable time in his life, just on the aspect of tidying up the house and cleaning to be done.

No more unnecessary trinkets to lift, no more bulky objects that invade space, and even fewer things that we absolutely never use cluttering our drawers.

Minimalism is also beneficial for your budget because you no longer spend unnecessarily on objects that you do not necessarily need, you do not play the game of the consumer society. Your budget is, therefore, better managed because you keep your purchases to a strict minimum.

Minimalism has so many significant benefits, it’s definitely worth looking into if only a little bit.

Is minimalism suitable for everyone?

This lifestyle is not for everyone. It is suitable for people who want to live in a healthier, less cluttered, and simpler environment.

It is suitable for people who simply want to simplify their life.

For people who like overconsumption, constantly buying new decorations, new utensils or even new clothes every week: this is not for you. This will not suit you, do not frustrate yourself, this is clearly not the goal!

People who adopt minimalism in their daily lives want it and feel the benefits that this fashion can bring them in their lives.

Steps for a frustration-free transition to minimalism:


The first step in incorporating minimalism into your life is to become aware of it. Open your eyes, and realize that everything you have at home, this clutter that has settled for years in your home, but also in your mind.

Without this awareness, you will feel frustrated with emptying everything you have. And that’s not the best solution. Or maybe it just means you’re not ready to incorporate minimalism into your day-to-day life, which can very well happen.

Minimalism is not for everyone, you have to know that!

Sometimes we have so many thoughts at the same time that the headache sets in. Minimalism also allows you to free your mind and to have a daily life that a much less stressful life, and much more soothing one.

It also brings a feeling of unconditional freedom, because you no longer have to spend hours organizing your daily life. It will be much less loaded, no more anxiety attacks!

Defining your “why” is essential. Without it, you won’t be able to start.

Learn about minimalism, and read all you can!

As I said above, this lifestyle is not for everyone.

To know if you are ready to adopt this life, you have to learn about it, and become a real pro! For this, the Internet is your best friend, without any hesitation.

There are many blogs that deal with the subject, I think that to inform you about it, the resources are not lacking!

Take a look around and see what we have

When you decide to start, you have to start somewhere. And of course, the hardest thing is to say to yourself “Ok, now I start, I sort everything! especially when you have a big house.

The easiest way to start minimalism is to make a list. Go through each room in your house one by one, and list each thing you own, but for real.

It may seem a bit tedious said like that, but in the end, you’ll see, it’s rather quick and for the rest of the process, it really makes life easier!

Example: a miniature representation of the Statue of Liberty, the grandmother’s jewelry box, two bags filled with clothes to donate that have been lying around for months in the corner of the room…

You see what I mean ! Nothing will happen on its own, unfortunately.

Make a list of what you really need

Once we have made the list of things we have, it is now time to create a second list of things we really need!

For each piece, make a list of the items you need, and how many of them.

For instance : in the kitchen, I need 2 ladles (one small, one larger), 2 cutting boards, a spatula, a frying pan, a saucepan…

You know what I mean. And you will see that as the list progresses, we realize all the things we have in I don’t know how many copies, it’s just amazing!

Sometimes we pile up tons of trinkets just because we think that one day we will need them… Get that out of your head! It’s not true, if it hasn’t been used in the last 6 months or even the past year…then you have to get rid of it, it will never be used again.

And yet, we don’t need so many objects in our homes. But that, it takes time to realize it, it must be said all the same.

Start decluttering your home

declutter your house

For people who like to sort and tidy their house, this is your favorite part then! Now is the time, having organized your lists and your head at the same time, to empty your home, and it is so satisfying to know that you will live in a much more organized environment.

The easiest way is to set up three bags: a bag where we give what we put inside to our loved ones for example, a bag that we throw away because things are damaged, and a last one where we will recycle what we put there (like clothes that we like more and which are not the size of our entourage).

Then, you have to take out absolutely everything you have, look at and analyze each article, ask yourself if you are still using it, how many copies you have of it versus how much you really need.

The first sorting is never the right one. You always have to make a first draft, and then review what you have put aside to then really decide what to do with it. Very often, there are still a few odds and ends that we dare not get rid of, and finally during the second sorting we wonder why we wanted to keep it during the first.

Find out about the different ways to get rid of your belongings

When you’ve finished your big sorting, what are you going to do with everything you want to get rid of?

The best way to find out is to find out what you can do with the things you don’t want to keep. Are we going to donate them to an association? Give to his family? Throw away because it is too damaged or unusable?

It’s important to put things in the right place. If you have associations in your city, they will be very happy to have new donations!

Follow the main rules of minimalism

When we become minimalist, we tend to empty our interior, and this can lead to a desire to buy new things to fill the space, except that no! It is not the goal.

There are a few rules in minimalism to respect so that this way of life settles comfortably, and stays there as long as possible.

  • Prioritize quality over quantity

Once you have emptied your house of all the superfluous that you have found there, you will sometimes want to buy new things to dress up your interior. And that’s where the all-important advice comes in, buy quality.

There’s no point in becoming a minimalist if you want to buy 40 clothes from Primark every month… (for the image). The more good quality clothes you buy, the less you will need to repurchase.

  • Use the “+1 = -1” rule

When you make a purchase, whether it is decoration, a kitchen utensil or even clothing, always apply the rule of +1 = -1.

In other words, when you bring a new item into your house, you have to take out another one. If you keep everything you own, and on top of that you accumulate new items… you can’t get away with it!

Your house will even become even more cluttered than before!

  • Favor the timeless and timeless

To be sure that you can keep your items for as long as possible, that they don’t go out of fashion and to make sure that you extend the life of your minimalism, always favor timeless ones!

Whether in all areas, and not just fashion or decoration, this will allow you to avoid the desire to change just because it is no longer fashionable or because it no longer suits you, as simply as it may be.

  • Always keep it simple

Same as the previous question… if you have items with lots of patterns, which are fashionable at the moment but which may go out of fashion in a few weeks/months, there is no point in investing. Keep it simple, as much as possible.

The hardest part: staying that way!

Becoming it is good… but succeeding in remaining so is even better!

When we become minimalist, we tend to be caught up in a craze or in a moment of madness. We motivate ourselves, and we tell ourselves that we will sort our whole house, and maybe even our whole life. But sometimes it’s just a burst of motivation that goes away as quickly as it appeared.

To have a simple life, it is never easy to avoid overconsumption and to restrict yourself on a daily basis. But for your greater good, and if you are tired of buying for no reason and having tons of useless things in your home, it is necessary to make this lifestyle choice.

It frees the mind, it soothes, and it is above all so important to focus only on the essentials. Being minimalist brings a feeling of freedom that you cannot understand when you are not.

Being free from overconsumption is also a great feeling of pride because you are no longer prisoners of everything around you.

Finally, minimalism allows you to make peace with your inner self and to recharge your batteries only with the things that are dear to you, exit the superficial that brings nothing to your life!

Talk about it around you

The best way to succeed in remaining minimalist, and to integrate it as much as possible into your lifestyle, is to talk about it to those around you!

The number of people who will be impressed by your routing… you will see, we have absolutely no idea!

This simple and unpretentious way of life inspires more and more people who like to be content with the essentials, and by explaining your new life, with its advantages and what it brings you on a daily basis, can only appreciate and be in awe of your life change.

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