6 ways to make money shopping

6 ways to make money shopping

Better than saving money: how to make money shopping ? There are plenty of tricks to earn a few euros here and there on your food shopping. You still have to know them and use them. So today, it’s me, Marc MAZIERE, author of the blog Radin Malin, who will give you my best techniques for making money while shopping. Word of specialist, you will scrounge all there is to scrounge 🙂 And of course, all these good plans are cumulative ! Without further ado, here is my first tip:

1. Pay with a cashback card

We begin strongvery strong, with what is certainly the best plan of the year for me: the Crypto.com card. It’s a free Visa credit card that gives you money on all your purchases. Well, it’s not more complicated than that.

All cards are 100% free and at no cost. However, there are several levels of card: to obtain the red card for example, you will have to make an initial payment of €250 into your account. If you don’t have a round to deposit, take the Midnight Blue card, it requires no deposit and still gives you 1% cashback on all your purchases. Personally, I have the green one which pays 3% and reimburses my Netflix and Spotify subscriptions each month.

Here is an overview of these different cards:

The cashback is paid to your account instantly in the form of cryptocurrency, which you can convert into euros at no cost if you prefer (personally, I leave it in crypto).

For more info on this card, the answers to all your questions and my feedback, read my article on the Radin Malin blog: my opinion on the Crypto.com card (and I’ll give you $25 in bonus ).

It’s very simple: since I got this card, I make almost all my credit card payments with it. You will taste it too 😉

2. Use Shopmium

Shopmium is an application that reimburses certain products in the supermarket. The principle: you find a product that interests you on the application, you scan the barcode and the receipt, and Shopmium reimburses you Wire Transfer the amount of the reduction. You receive the transfer within a few days.

For example, at the time of writing this article, Rainett eco-friendly laundry detergent is 40% off if you take 2.

Cumulate with other apps of the same genre

But it’s not just Shopmium! There are plenty of refundable product applications, such as: Coupon Network, Quoty and My Opinion Makes it Free (exclusive to Carrefour stores). These applications can be combined with each other, you can request several refunds for the same product and thus have it 100% refunded and sometimes even with a small profit. The class!

3. Take advantage of in-store cashback

You may already be familiar with cashback on the internet, this discount system that reimburses you for a small percentage of your online purchases. But did you know that there is also cashback in store?

Joko is an application that connects to your bank card and rewards you on expenses made at partner brands. For example, you make a purchase at Auchan that you pay by card (with your card linked to Joko). The purchase will be automatically detected and you will get €10 in cashback immediately on your Joko account (provided you have done a minimum of €30 in shopping, this is indicated on the app and the offer may change depending on the period, but you have understood the principle).

Once the threshold of 20€ has been accumulated, you can request a collection of your winnings by bank transfer. It’s as simple as that.

It works in a lot of brands. Some are there all the time, while others come and go. I remember there was Lidl at one time. Hope they come back soon!

Small clarification: everything is done anonymously and securely. They are Banque de France approved via their partner Budget Insight so you can go there

Same principle as Joko, but with merchants that may vary. And it’s combinable with Joko!

For example, right now there is 9% Poulpeo cashback at Subway and 7.5% at Joko. If you have the same card linked to both apps, you get 16.5% cashback at Subway. It’s starting to happen!

Again, same principle as Joko and you can combine the 3 cashback Joko, Poulpeo and Bankin’.

If you don’t know, the Bankin’ application is an account aggregator. It’s an app that connects to your various bank accounts and produces statistics on your expenses and gives you advice to help you better manage your budget. A must for any reader of… of course 🙂

  • With eBuyClub (cashback on vouchers)

Exclusive to the eBuyClub cashback site, you can buy vouchers there at Crossroads, Intermarché Where Casino with up to 4% cash back. That is to say, you buy your €200 Carrefour voucher on the eBuyClub site, and you immediately get 4% or €8 on your eBuyClub kitty. The advantages are multiple:

  • You can use this voucher to pay at checkout
    • If the amount of your purchases is greater than the voucher, you can complete with another means of payment
    • If the amount is lower, you can use your voucher on several checkouts.
  • It can be combined with promotions and loyalty cards
  • It can be combined with cashback on the internet. That is to say that if you do your shopping online on Carrefour.fr with 3% cashback, you can use this voucher and thus you will have 3% on your shopping + 4% on the voucher. the purchase itself, or 7% overall.
  • It is also combinable with Crypto.com (see point n°1) if you pay this voucher with your Crypto card. With that + a loyalty card, we’re bordering on 15-20% off all the time!

However, it cannot be combined with the in-store cashback from Poulpeo, Bankin’ or Joko, since you buy your voucher from eBuyClub. However, the Joko cashback is calculated on your in-store purchases made with your bank card (and not with a voucher). There are therefore limits to the accumulation of mandates 😉

4. Use your loyalty cards consistently

Rule number 1 to save money when shopping: use supermarket loyalty cards!

Do you find them too bulky? Know that you can add to the Google Pay or Apple Wallet app. Personally, I have the cards of all the brands on my phone. So my wallet isn’t cluttered, the barcode never fades, and it takes 2 seconds at checkout to scan my card.

In addition, loyalty programs today have all become pretty much the same: you get money from your kitty, and you can spend it on your purchases in-store, like any payment method. This has not always been the case: before, at Super U for example, you accumulated points to win bogus gifts. It’s much better now.

To get the most out of loyalty cards, you have to pay attention to 2 things :

  1. Prioritize store brands. Again today, I bought 3 cans of beans at Carrefour for a total of €2.16, with €0.73 credited to my loyalty card. Why ? Because these are Carrefour brand products. Not only is it cheaper, but I earned 73 cents just by swiping my card. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!
  2. Take a good look at the loyalty bonuses in the catalog or on store signs. Sometimes, you have 50% of the price of certain products reimbursed on your loyalty kitty. Worth a look!

5. Use Emrys card

You may have heard of it: the consumer cooperative Emrys map allows you to earn money every time you go to the supermarket. How ? It’s simple: you pay for your shopping with gift cards, previously purchased on the Emrys website. It saves you purchase credits on Emrys, which you can then use to purchase other gift vouchers. How it is possible? Simply because the Emrys cooperative buys gift vouchers in large quantities and obtains substantial discounts this way. Unity is strength!

Many members come to double their purchasing power thanks to Emma!

In addition, it can be combined with in-store promotions and loyalty cards, and your earnings are non-taxable since they are gift vouchers. Only drawback: it does not work at hard discounters like Lidl or Aldi.

6. Use the Lidl Plus app

Lidl has finally launched its loyalty program: the application Lidl More. It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants maximize purchasing power at Lidl. You scan the QR code at each checkout, and you win a free product for the next time. There are also exclusive discounts to activate. I’ve already managed to make a whole basket of 0€ shopping like that (the cashier was surprised, haha). Already that Lidl is not expensive, which makes it even more attractive.

A word about Lidl and Aldi

I take this opportunity to clarify an important point: as a good tips blogger and professional Radin Malin, when people ask me what are my best tips for saving money on your food budget, people imagine that I spend hours going through store catalogs and wandering the shelves with my little book of discount coupons. Do you really think I’m wasting my days doing all this? Nay! I am in favor of the best time/quality/price ratio.

Gold has the best time/quality/price ratio, well it’s Lidl (or Aldi). Point bar. There is no need to look any further. You can accumulate all the promotions you want at Intermarché, Auchan or Leclerc, the fact is that a basket at Lidl always costs less and the quality is there. So if you don’t want to save money without worrying, go to Lidl and Aldi.

And in addition, you can pay for your Lidl shopping with a cashback card (see point number 1) and accumulate with Lidl Plus.

Conclusion: 6 techniques to earn money while shopping

As you can see, there are always tricks that you don’t necessarily think of and that can pay off big in the long run. My credo: find techniques that require as little effort as possible. Because if you earn 1% but you have to rack your brains hunting for good deals, it’s not worth wasting your time. On the other hand, if you put in place reflexes and habits that do not require any energy and that save you money, then it becomes interesting.

I hope you have found what you are looking for among my 6 techniques for earning money by shopping for groceries. There are surely one or two in the batch that you did not know, right? You can share your opinions and tips in the comments below, and I’ll find you on the Radin Malin blog for other tips to save money 😉


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