Make Money Reading Books: 10 Tips

Make Money Reading Books: 10 Tips

Do you like reading? Do you like making money? If you answered yes to both questions, then you’ve come to the right place to earn money from reading books! Indeed, it is quite possible thanks to the Internet and various professions to combine your hobby of reading with earning money.

Find out how to make money by reading books. We have listed 10 tips.


Any book, before its publication, must be carefully proofread, often by several proofreaders. Indeed, a mistake in a book can really tarnish its reputation! The first proofreader will rather focus on proofreading, he will look at fluidity, punctuation, style, etc. The second proofreader will focus on the correction: spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. During this long process of proofreading and correction, the authors call on proofreaders and proofreaders. So your job is to read the book, improve the turn of the sentences and the punctuation, remove the spelling mistakes, and so on.

As a proofreader, you can work in a publishing house, although this is above all a freelance job. You can therefore become a freelancer in this field and you can find clients by offering your services on micro-services platforms such as for example.

If you want to retrain professionally, be aware that there are schools that train you to become a proofreader, such as Ashford, Formacom, the communication writing center, or even the school of information professions.

Beta reader

Unlike the proofreader-corrector who will improve the form (turn of sentences, punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.), the beta reader will act on the substance. The goal of the beta reader is to help the author improve his book. He will indeed read the book and suggest improvements to the author, such as adding a statistical study in part of the book or simply adding a point that has not been covered but that would improve the manuscript. . The author often has his head in the handlebars and the beta reader will bring a new vision from the outside.

To find beta reading jobs, you can register on Facebook groups and specialized forums.

book translator

If you are fluent in 2 languages, you can consider translating a book. Let’s say you speak French and English, you come across a book that works well in the USA, so you can consider translating it into French. To do this, you can contact the author and ask if you can translate the book into French and sell it.

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to set up this type of partnership. As proof, Michael Ferrari of the blog Esprit Riche translated the book of a famous American blogger Ramit Sethi that he sells on the Amazon marketplace.

Translating a book takes time, of course, but you don’t spend time writing the book, doing research for it, etc. Even without mastering a foreign language, you can also consider delegating the translation part of the book to a professional who will do it for you. This will of course cost you money, but you will get it back with the sales of the books. For this to be profitable, you must translate a best-selling book by a well-known and recognized personality.

Literary criticism

The literary critic plays a major role in the sales of a book since he gives his opinion on this book, which will help readers in their choice to buy it or not. Thus, books that receive good reviews from mainstream media sell much better than those that don’t.

The literary critic will read a book and then give his opinion on it. He will share his point of view on the story and on the message sent by the author.

As a literary critic, you can work for the print media as well as the Internet press. To become a critic, you can study journalism, communication, or literature.


The librarian will work, as his name suggests, in a library. He is responsible for the management and organization of works, especially books. The librarian is required to make the selection of works, therefore to leaf through the books to offer them in the library. This job is a real passionate job which, if it does not pay very well, allows you to combine passion and job.

Create book summariesCreate book summaries

Creating book summaries is in my opinion the best way to earn by reading books. Many people like to read, but for lack of time do not do it… This is why, in recent years, book summary applications and sites have been created and work very well. Your job will be to read books and make a summary of them that you can then distribute via a blog and/or a YouTube channel. You can also create a podcast. There are 52 weeks in the year, so you can very well read a book a week and then make a summary that you will distribute via a blog post and via a YouTube video. This is what Olivier Roland did, by publicly announcing that he was going to read a book a week and that he was going to publish a summary of the book on his blog.

The competition is more and more present, to stand out from the others and thus make your hole on the web, you can consider differentiating yourself by creating summaries of a well-defined type of book, such as for example only books on marketing or health books.

If you speak English, then you will have a big advantage because you will be able to do summaries of books that are not published in French.

To earn money by creating book summaries, you can consider paying yourself through book affiliations, advertising, as well as offering training or your book summaries writing services to other platforms that offer it.

audiobook narrator

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular. It’s very useful! Listening is a new way of reading, allowing you to listen to a book while performing other tasks such as sports, washing dishes, or traveling. The demand for audiobooks continues to grow and it is only natural that authors are looking for narrators who will be able to create these audiobooks. As an audiobook narrator, your job will be to create the audio version of a book. To become an audiobook narrator, you must have good equipment: a microphone, good headphones, sound editing software, a soundproof room, but you must also have good vocal control, and good speech to work in this domain. Again, you can offer your services on a microservices platform. Audiobook narration is a great way to make money from your voice.

gold panner

Each year, publishing houses receive thousands of manuscripts from authors who wish to be published. The miner will have a pre-selection role for all these manuscripts. If there is a person who spends his time reading, it is this one! The artisanal gold miner will read between the main lines of the books, to see if they are successful. If they meet the expectations of the publishing house… He must therefore read quickly and then write a summary and a well-argued sheet on the interest or not to publish this or that book. On average, for each summary, the artisanal gold miner is paid between 30 and 60 euros depending on the number of pages. This job only allows you to make ends meet, which is difficult to make a living from!

public player

A public reader also called a read-aloud, is, as the name suggests, a person who reads in public. This profession is often mistakenly confused with the profession of a storyteller: the storyteller transmits a story in his own way, by reinventing and above all without having a book in his hands; while a public reader will read aloud an extract from a book, with the aim of triggering the desire to read in the target audience, to convey a message or for creation with artists. As a public reader, you are required to read in colleges, high schools, museums, media libraries, hospitals, and even prisons.

To become a public reader, there are some training courses that you can take such as training in Paris (La Voie des Livres) or one in Lyon (crefad).

A public reader can earn on average 300€/monththis is again a profession of passion.


Read and sell your knowledge

It sounds obvious, but by reading books, you will learn things. You can then sell this knowledge to other people in the form of products or services. Imagine that you read a lot of books on weight loss, and you will probably become an expert on the subject, you can then create a business around it and thus sell video training, coaching, etc. Another example: you are used to reading cookbooks, you are going to become an expert on the subject, then nothing will prevent you from creating a blog and/or a YouTube channel on this new passion. Autobiographies and other business books are gold mines, you will learn things that you can then apply to your business and achieve success.

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