Amazon deal Hunter: focus on this little-known profession

focus on this little-known profession

Amazon, the number 1 e-commerce site in the world, offers many opportunities to earn money. You can sell books on Kindle Direct Publishing, become an Amazon seller, and join the Amazon Partner Club. I have also listed 9 ways to make money with Amazon here. In addition, there is another, relatively unknown method of making money on Amazon. It comes to us straight from our American friends… It’s about becoming Amazon promo hunter! Well, you will probably wonder what an Amazon promo hunter is… We will tell you everything in this guide: what this job is, how to find promos and of course how to make money with this trick . Let’s go !

What is an Amazon deal hunter?

The profession of promo hunter is very simple to understand. It consists of looking for promotions in destocking stores (Action, Maxplus, Noz, Marque Avenue, Stokomani, etc.) then reselling the products at full price (without promotions) online, on the Amazon marketplace. This is called Amazon Arbitration.

Let’s take an example. You will find a board game at the recommended retail price of €34.55 including tax, with a reduction of -50%, i.e. a purchase price of €17.27. You will then put the product on sale on Amazon at a price of €34.55, its true price, and thus generate a profit. You can buy several of them in order to earn more money. A good hunter, when he has found an interesting product, downright robs the shelf to take as much as possible!

Presentation of this profession on France 2 in the program “Tout compte fait“:

To get good deals, you will have to equip yourself with the right tools and, above all, go to the field. You will of course read the various promotional catalogs of the brands. Thanks to an app like Fidme, you don’t even have to go to the store to get these catalogs, or look in your mailbox! This application has indeed digitized the promotional catalogs of the main brands, in particular those of destocking.

(catalog picture)

Thanks to the catalogs, you will be able to find the most interesting reductions of the moment. Then you will go to the store and take a shopping cart because, in case of good deals, you will have to take a lot of stock! Ask a salesperson where the products you saw earlier in the catalog are, explaining your approach and telling them who you are. If the seller knows you’re going to be buying in bulk, they’ll be better able to help you. This will save you time! Don’t hesitate to ask him if there are other interesting promotions in the store.

Over time, it is thanks to your experience that you will be able to detect good deals in the blink of an eye… But when you start, you will not necessarily have the necessary experience to detect them. Fortunately, Amazon offers a very interesting tool that allows you to quickly see the profit you can generate on a product. Thanks to this application offered by Amazon for its sellers, you just have to scan the barcode when you are in store via the application:

It will immediately give you the profit that you can generate with the product you are analyzing. You will know in a few seconds if the product is worth the cost or not. With the Amazon application, you will therefore check the margin, but you still need to be able to analyze whether the product will sell well, and above all quickly, online! For this, you will use a second tool. I recommend AMZscout, a paying tool this time… But it is really worth it! Indeed, this tool will prevent you from buying products that you will not sell on the Amazon marketplace.

What investment to get started?

The initial investment, to start you as an Amazon promo hunter, will ask you less than 1000€. You must build up your first stock, take out a subscription that analyzes sales, which I believe is essential, as well as boxes and tape to send your orders.

In conclusion

As you will have understood, this job is not a difficult job! It consists of buying promotions in stores to resell them at a high price online. However, you need to have a few tools to not make mistakes and only buy products that will sell quickly. Indeed, when the products are not sold, it is money that you cannot use to buy others! This job is within everyone’s reach, but will require organization: you have to be able to look for products, travel regularly, analyze the products to buy, send them on time, etc. The great strength of this business is that you can get started quickly, without a large initial investment or the need to create a site, have traffic, etc. You will be using the largest customer audience online, i.e. Amazon, and you will be able to make your first sales very quickly! If you have chosen the right product, of course… It’s up to you!

Are you an Amazon promo hunter? Share your feedback in the comments! Want to get started and have questions? Also, react in the comments!

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