Money saving chart free download

Money saving chart free download

Want to save money? Well, that’s a good thing! But saving isn’t always easy, and it’s definitely not fun… That’s why we wanted to make it easier and allow you to save money in a fun way, thanks to the table we’ve created. In this guide, you will see how to save money while having fun and be able to save 1000 euros in 1 year! Discover our money-saving chart.

The principle of the table

The table is a fun method to save your money, around 1000€ in 52 weeks. Each week, you will tick a box corresponding to the amount you wish to save. There, it’s playful like a scratch game! The choice of box and therefore the money to be saved is free and depends on your budget. The better you manage your budget, the more you can save a significant amount of money and quickly!

Week 1: for example, you will save 5 euros.

Week 2: 4 euros.

Week 3: 12 euros.

Week 4: 33 euros.

And so on until the 52nd week. At the end of the year, you will have saved 1000€! The amounts to save range from 0€ to 50€.

You will need to fill in the following elements of the table:

  • Amount to save each week: You have the different amounts you can save each week. Put a cross in the box when you have saved the corresponding amount. There is even a zero euro box, which is like a joker to allow you not to save for 1 week.
  • Goal box: Why do you save? We added an objective box because we believe that to motivate you to take up the challenge, it is important to know why you are saving. It’s much more motivating than saving “to save”! You may have the goal of saving to pay for your holidays, to change your television or car, etc.
  • Amount already saved: In order to motivate you, even more, I have added boxes to the table with the amount you have already saved. Something to make you want to keep going!

Download the table

You can download and print the table by clicking below on the image or on the button:

Another table to save money

You can also save by using the 52-week savings challenge which allows you to save 1378€ in 1 year.

A few tips for saving money

Here are some tips to boost your savings:

  • Sell ​​your items and clothes that you no longer use: we tend to accumulate at home lots of objects, clothes, and books that we don’t necessarily use anymore and which collect dust in our cupboards or in the cellar. Sell ​​them instead of letting them gather dust, it will bring you money that you can then put in your savings.
  • Save in cash: if you can, save the money in cash in a transparent piggy bank, such as a glass jar for example. The banknotes are more tangible and it will motivate you more to see the money growing visually rather than by placing the money in your account.
  • Hang the painting on your fridge: the painting must be placed in a visible place. Seeing it every day makes it possible to not miss any week and to finish the challenge having saved the famous 1000€.

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