How many views does it take to make money on YouTube?

How many views does it take to make money on YouTube?
Does the income of YouTubers make you dream? Do you want to create your YouTube channel and thus start earning money on YouTube? Before you start, you certainly ask yourself many questions. What niche to get into? Which video formats and subjects to choose? How much money can you earn on the platform? You can also ask yourself this other question: how many views does it take to make money on youtube? We answer that question in this guide. We are going to share with you the prerequisites for monetizing a YouTube channel, the number of views to have in order to be able to live on YouTube as well as examples of YouTubers who have communicated their income. So you will see how much they earned based on the number of views.

Monetize your YouTube channel, the prerequisites

Know that there are many ways to monetize a YouTube channel! For more details, we have also listed xx ways to make money on YouTube. Here we are going to talk about advertising which is the most popular way to monetize a channel. To start monetizing your YouTube channel and participate in the YouTube advertising program called YouTube Partner Program, you must meet these criteria:

  • > 1000 subscribers;
  • > 4000 hours of viewing on your videos over the last 12 months;
  • have validated your account in 2 steps;
  • you have subscribed to Adsense beforehand.

You must not have:

  • notice for violating the Community Guidelines.

By meeting all of these criteria, you can join the program and start making money with YouTube advertising.

To apply to join the program, and see how far you’ve come in meeting the verification requirements, go to YouTube Studio > Monetization.

As soon as you have met all the criteria, you will receive an email indicating that you are part of the program.

1000 views = 1€?

When we talk about YouTube advertising, we often hear here and there that a YouTube channel brings in 1€ for every 1000 views. Well, while that’s true for some channels, earning $1 per 1000 views isn’t true for others… In reality, it will depend on your YouTube channel’s niche. A YouTube channel in entertainment will allow you to earn between 0.80 and 1€ for 1000 views, while a channel dealing with financial subjects will allow you to earn between 10 and 20€ for 1000 views! Do you see the big difference? From one channel to another, you can earn 10 to 20 times more… However, keep in mind that an entertainment channel will also get more views than a channel on the stock market, for example. The income generated will finally depend on the advertisers. However, advertisers of financial tools are ready to pay dearly to appear on your YouTube channel because they will find a quality audience. Conversely, a generalist channel will attract generalist advertisers who will not pay dearly to appear on a YouTube channel where Internet users are by definition poorly qualified.

Here are some very profitable niches on YouTube:

  • gaming;
  • money: stock market, crypto, real estate, online business…;
  • fitness;
  • do it yourself;
  • kitchen ;
  • personal development ;
  • gadget and technology;
  • travel.

As you can see, these are products that are sold at a high price, which means that the advertiser is also ready to pay a lot to promote their products. So you can choose your niche based on the type of advertisers.

Here are different YouTubers who have shared their numbers based on the number of views

100,000 YouTube views

Olivier Juprelle, who is a youtuber who teaches others to become professional youtubers themselves, shares important information in his video where he explains how much YouTube pays him for 100,000 views:

It shows us the difference in revenue per 1000 views depending on the subject of the video. A video that talks about money brings him an average of €9.70/1000 views, while an entertainment video where he explains how to create sound universes only brings in €0.91/1000 views. You understand the difference in earnings from one video to another! If he only made entertainment videos, he would earn, for 100,000 views, €91… Whereas in the example of the video on Amazon, he would earn not €91, but €970, more than 10 times more !!!

500,000 YouTube views


how much money do you make with 500,000 youtube views

The YouTube channel Biz Succès TV, which is a channel dedicated to online business, generated €3,127.36 for 588,300 views on YouTube, or an RPM (revenue per 1,000 views) of €5.34.

1 million YouTube views

Amel Talks is a travel youtuber. It generated $1324.96 for 1.4 million views on YouTube.

100 million YouTube views

how much money do you make with 100 million youtube views

Alexandre Calvez, famous youtuber who has an entertainment channel, shared how much he earned for 100 million views… and the least we can say is that if we put it back to RPM, it’s not a very high amount. He earned $90,117.12 for 100 million views, or an RPM of $0.9, so less than the euro for 1000 views advertised everywhere… So you understand that you have to make a lot of views to generate income interesting with an entertainment channel.

Is it possible to live from YouTube with the views?

As explained just before, YouTube compensation will depend on your niche and the number of views. So yes, it is possible to live off YouTube with advertising, but only if you have chosen your niche well beforehand… A profitable niche, because if you plan to create a general or entertainment channel, you will need millions of views to earn a decent income! And having millions of views is not within everyone’s reach… On the other hand, getting between 100,000 and 300,000 views with a nested channel is much more achievable.

How many views can you live off of YouTube?

I see you stamping behind your screen or smartphone… “OK, you are very kind to tell me all that, but I want to know how many views it takes to live off YouTube!” I’ll answer it, don’t panic ^^. Although monetization depends on many criteria that we saw just before, we will start from an RPM of 5€, an average observed with many YouTubers with nested channels. Suppose you want to generate 1500€ of income with YouTube: so you have to do 300,000 views which is totally achievable, especially if you already have many posted videos that each brings in traffic.

Earn more with YouTube

Although you can live from YouTube, I recommend not to bet everything solely on advertising, but rather to diversify your income by doing affiliation and why not selling your own products. This way, you will find it easier to earn a living from YouTube. Especially since with the sale of your own products and affiliation, you will not need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing on your videos, you can start monetizing your channel from the first video!

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