Earn vouchers with plastic bottle recycling

Earn vouchers with plastic bottle recycling

On Manage My Budget, we like to talk about ecology, food waste… For example, we told you about anti-waste applications, expiry dates, overcycling and many other things… The protection values ​​of the environment are deeply rooted in the editorial staff. Since we also like to introduce you to things that make money, here is a way to recycle that combines recycling and money! What if I told you that your empty plastic bottles can earn you money? All you have to do is recycle the bottles to receive vouchers from large retailers. In this guide, we explain how it works, where to recycle your plastic bottles, how much you can expect to earn… Find out how the plastic bottle recycling will allow you to earn some money.

How does recycling plastic bottles for vouchers work?

According to Citeo, between 6 and 8 billion plastic bottles are purchased in France each year. We must therefore be able to recycle all these bottles, especially when we know that currently only 54.5% of plastic bottles are recycled in France and that it is necessary 450 years for a bottle to decompose in nature!

Thanks to the recycling of plastic, we can for example make pillows, polar sweaters, plastic films, carpets, garden chairs… We can even make roads! Recycling plastic bottles is therefore vital and very useful. Now, let’s see how recycling works on the consumer side.

Step 1: Sort the bottles

There are 2 types of plastic families: plastic based on PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), ie transparent bottles: water, juice, soda…; as well as plastic based on HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), that is to say opaque or translucent bottles: shampoo, detergent can, dishwashing liquid… You will be able to sort PET bottles in B:bot machines, while Reco France machines will accept both types of plastic. So put your bottles aside, so you can recycle them later!

Step 2: Place the bottles in the machine

Then simply place the bottles in the machine. She will scan them and accept them if they are recyclable. If not, the machine will give you an error. After they enter, they will be ground into flakes (for PET) or granules (for HDPE), which can then be used to create other products. Place all the bottles you have in your possession to get the highest possible voucher!

Step 3: Receive a voucher

All you have to do is take your voucher. The amount of this will depend on the number of bottles you have recycled. The voucher will be used at the store that installed the plastic bottle recycling station.

Where to recycle plastic bottles?

If you want to recycle and earn vouchers, you are probably wondering where to find a plastic bottle recycling machine. You can find collection terminals in most large retailers: Carrefour, Lidl, Leclerc, etc. You can find the terminal closest to you on the site of B:bot, a manufacturer of recycling machines, or on Reco-France (which belongs to the Suez group). Currently, B:bot has around 400 terminals in France, and Reco-France around fifty.

How much does it pay?

You don’t risk getting rich this way! It takes approximately 1 to 2 cents per bottle. If it’s not much, they are in any case bottles that you intended to throw away, so why not take the opportunity to earn some money, while helping to protect the environment? There is even a couple who managed to finance a small part of their wedding thanks to the recycling of bottles! This couple has indeed managed to collect more than 25,000 bottles from those around them, or between 250 and 500€ in vouchers. Not bad is not it ? You also have the option, if you wish, to donate your voucher to charity.

Here is in detail how the recycling of plastic bottles for vouchers via collection machines works:

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