How to sell an ebook in 8 steps?

Comment vendre un ebook en 8 étapes ?
The digital book market in France is booming. Sales just exceeded 100 million euros for the first time in 2018, according to a study by GFK. I couldn’t find a more recent figure, but it’s a safe bet that this figure is even higher now! So you want to make money selling ebooks, but you don’t know where to start. Which ebook subject and which title to choose? How to write or sell your ebook? You ask yourself many questions… How I understand you! When I started selling ebooks, I was a bit lost. But now, after having sold more than xx ebooks, I benefit from a great methodology that I will share with you in this guide! In the end, I’ll even give you tips on how to sell more than ever. sell an ebook in 8 steps.

Step 1: Find an ebook topic

If you follow steps 2 and 3, the subject is not very important. What I mean by that is that you shouldn’t try to look for “the subject”, that is to say, a subject that has never been treated before. On the contrary, you have to write an ebook on a subject that has already proven itself. The only thing that should allow you to decide between this or that subject is your skills and/or your passions. The ebook must be well written, it must provide value to readers, and you must be able to prove that you are an expert and/or that you live the situation.

For example, if your child didn’t spend his nights but if you managed to get him to do them, with a particular method, then you can write an ebook on the subject. As long as you are legitimate on the subject, you can write about anything and everything… And I recommend that you do it! The e-book topics are really vast. To make you understand this, we will take an example.

You are the parents of 2 children (a teenager and a toddler), you are a web editor, you have a dog and you are a fan of fishing. Here are the different ebook topics you can write:

  • how to become a web editor;
  • how to train your dog;
  • the baby’s sleep;
  • particular fishing technique;
  • parent/teen relationship.

And again, in some cases, you can even write ebooks in sub-niches. For example, for babies, you can also talk about food.

Take a look around, ebook topic ideas are everywhere!

On the net, there are 4 types of large profitable markets that allow you to sell well:

  • silver ;
  • relationship ;
  • health ;
  • personal development.

If your ebook is in one of these big markets, it can become very profitable and sell well on the internet.

Step 2: Choose an ebook title

Step 1 is not the most important, but this one and the next are really crucial. When a prospect lands on your ebook’s sales page, they’ll see the title and cover. He will read the product description very little… So the title and the cover must absolutely make him want to buy! It’s different for well-known authors who sell books and ebooks on popularity alone. But in your case, you really need to come up with an impactful title.

A good title is a title that clearly explains what the book is about. It responds to an injury or a problem, and if possible we add a number or a term that allows the future reader to think that setting up the content will not be difficult. The title can be intriguing and mysterious, such as Influence and Manipulation or Rich Dad Poor Dad.

You really need to take the time to choose a catchy title. Brainstorm with those around you, your colleagues and why not with beta testers.

Here are some examples of catchy titles:

  • Miracle Morning.
  • The 4-hour week.
  • Your empire in a backpack.
  • Not everyone was lucky enough to fail their studies.

Step 3: Create a cover

After the title, it is the cover that the prospect will look at. So your cover should catch the eye. The choice of colors should not be left to chance. Study the competition and try to stand out. Let’s say you want to make a book about gardening, most of them will probably put green everywhere… So, by putting another color, your ebook can stand out from the crowd. However, you want to become an author, not a graphic designer! That’s why I strongly recommend that you delegate this task to a graphic designer. Of course, it costs money, but it allows you to sell more ebooks. If you don’t have the funds, you can go through software like Canva which allows you to create visuals without having any design skills. On Canva, you even have ready-made templates.

Step 4: Create your ebook outline

With a well-written plan, writing will be easier. Don’t write a line until you’ve finalized your plan! This is something that struck me during my French lessons: the better the plan, the more detailed it is, and the easier it is to write. So really take the time to create your plan, do your research, study the competition, and talk to potentially affected people around you. Once the plan is written, you can start writing the ebook.

Step 5: Write your ebook

I am often asked the question of the size of the manuscript: how many words should we write? You are not going to write the future, Harry Potter, we are not asking you for a very big book! 20,000 words may already be enough, provided the book provides value to readers. For writing, I recommend using Google Docs which is a free word processing tool from Google. What I like about this software is that it automatically saves your page in real-time. No more losing content because your computer has bugged or because you simply forgot to save! Plus, with Google Docs, you can easily go back or forward and catch up on potential errors.

Give yourself a writing goal and stick to it. Do not try to write a lot at once to be able to publish the book quickly, otherwise, it will affect the editorial quality of this digital book. Set yourself, for example, 1000 words per day from Monday to Friday and after a month, you will be able to put your ebook online. Just put it in PDF format, download it and you’re done!

Step 6: Correction and layout of the ebook

Although it’s an ebook, your manuscript must be professional or you risk getting bad reviews – even if the ebook provides value! You must therefore have your ebook proofread by a proofreader, who will also improve your book by putting the right punctuation, and the right spaces, and by airing the content well so that it is easy to read. You can find correctors on What I recommend to you is to take several correctors: for example someone in your entourage at first, then a professional. A corrector, although it is his job, can miss certain mistakes, etc. It is, therefore, better to have 2 people than just one!

Step 7: Set the price

Being an ebook, it is rare that the price exceeds 10 euros. You can sell it for a little more to an audience that knows you, your skills, and your expertise. Generally, if you sell on Amazon, the price should be between 5 and 10€; and if you sell to your own audience, you can go up to 20-30€ at the most. Feel free to experiment with prices to see which ones work best.

Step 8: Sell an ebook

That’s it, you’re ready to publish your ebook! And you wonder where to sell it… Here are several platforms to do it.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon is the number 1 e-commerce site in the world. It has millions of visitors and buyers logging in every day. Thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can offer your ebooks for sale for free. What is interesting with Amazon is that your ebooks will be visible from the first days by hundreds, even thousands of prospects. No need to create an audience, it is already present on Amazon! Moreover, thanks to Amazon KDP, you can sell ebooks on different subjects, without no need to niche.

With Amazon, you receive between 35 and 70% of the sale price (depending on the price charged):

On my small scale, here’s how many books I’ve managed to sell on Amazon KDP:

Without advertising and without being a known author.

His own audience 

Thanks to a blog and/or a YouTube channel, you will be able to create an audience and monetize it through the sale of ebooks. This sale of ebooks via its own audience is more profitable because you keep 100% of the margin. However, this is going to require more work and tools from you than selling on Amazon. Indeed, you must create the ebook, take a tool to sell it, work on your natural referencing, etc. In addition, by selling through these channels, you will be limited in the selection of subjects. Indeed, you will not be able to sell ebooks offering subjects that are too far from your basic subject.

To sell my ebooks, I use

Affiliate platforms

You can offer your ebook on affiliate platforms like 1TPE or the marketplace. The strength of affiliation is that once the product is available there, affiliates will be able to promote it for free. You will pay them more than a commission as soon as a sale is made.

It is not with this channel that you will make a lot of sales, but having tested it, it is still possible to make some. You can sell your ebook for 5€ by creating a service in the form “For 5euros I will help you to…”. The ebook will be the solution. What is practical is that once the service has been ordered, all you have to do is send the ebook as a PDF file via chat! And like on Amazon, at its level, 5euros is a platform visited by potential customers, so you don’t need to go looking for prospects.

Tips for selling your ebook well

If you have followed the different steps correctly, you have already started making your first sales. If you now want to move up a gear, here are some tips to increase your sales.

Propose a lead magnet and create a sales funnel

If you’re selling your ebook through your own audience, a great way to increase your sales is to create a sales funnel. You will attract prospects via a lead magnet, which is a small ebook on a well-defined subject, making Internet users want to give their email addresses. Once you have these emails, you can send an automatic mailing campaign that will direct either to your sales page or to your ebook’s Amazon sales page. By doing this, you will bring value to the Internet user and he will then be more inclined to place an order by buying your ebook.

Offer the book for free to get reviews

Whether with your audience or even more on Amazon, customer reviews are very important. On the Internet, we cannot touch the product, so there are other criteria that allow us to decide whether or not to buy a product. We talked about the visuals, the title, and the description of the book… but there are also, and above all customer reviews! We all want to be sure to spend our money well and reviews are very useful for that, to give us a serious and uninterested opinion on an ebook. A good way to get positive reviews is to offer your ebook for free, for a limited time, in exchange for reviews.

It’s a win/win exchange: a free product for an opinion. Don’t ask for positive reviews, it might be frowned upon: just ask readers to be honest. In addition to helping you sell more, the feedback from your first customers will help you improve your ebook!

Offer a bonus in the ebook in exchange for a review 

Many marketers do this on their books: they offer a bonus in exchange for reviews. It’s very simple to set up: you offer the additional bonus in the ebook, you write down your email address, then the reader gives his opinion on the book and sends you a screenshot of this, and finally you send the famous bonus in return. Simple and efficient…

It’s up to you!

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