Make money while sleeping: 10 tips

Gagner de l'argent en dormant : 10 astuces

When you exchange your time for money, that is to say when you are mainly an employee, you can quickly be limited in terms of income because time is limited, especially our actual working time! There are only 24 hours in a day and we already sleep for about 8 hours, not counting the many things we have to do during the day in addition to work… So there are only 8 to 10 hours left of work available in a day to earn money. Fortunately, there are other ways to make money. You can even earn some while “sleeping”! Attention, when we talk about earning money while sleeping, it does not mean that we will earn money without doing anything, without effort, but rather that we will earn money without needing to be physically present and at any time of the day and night. In other words, we are not trading time for money. Our time is decorrelated to our income, this is called passive income. Here are 10 sources that will allow you to earn money while sleeping.

Dividend shares

Dividends are passive income par excellence. Indeed, these revenues are not correlated with time. All you have to do is buy company shares that pay dividends (part of the company’s profits) to the stockholders. When you have these shares, the company will pay you dividends as long as it makes a profit. Some companies have even been pouring it for more than 100 years, this is the case of Coca-Cola in particular, which has been pouring it since 1893.

To find companies, you can look to the Dividend Aristocrat’s side. These are companies that have been paying an increasing dividend for more than 25 years in the United States and for more than 10 years in Europe. Even during the crises, these companies continued to pay their shareholders dividends, proof of their solidity! Be careful however, you should not invest in the first company that comes along on the pretext that it has been paying dividends for years… You have to be able to analyze the financial health of these companies, and that’s good, companies listed on the stock exchange have the obligation to publish their figures! Here is a guide that will help you invest in the stock market.

Cryptocurrency stacking

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, then you have probably heard of stacking, which allows you to obtain a return on your cryptocurrency investments. For those who have never heard of it, I will explain what it is, but without weighing you down with technical terms. The blockchain needs computers that will solve mathematical calculations to validate each transaction. For example, Michel sends such cryptocurrency to Jacques, but it is Marc who has a computer and thus makes his machine available for the calculations to be carried out. As a reward for this, he will also receive cryptocurrency, this is called cryptocurrency mining. The problem with this technique is at the level of the environment, it indeed requires high energy consumption.

In order to limit the energy impact, another transaction validation technique has been implemented: stacking. This technique no longer requires the use of computers to operate but consists of blocking your crypto-currencies in the more or less long term in exchange for remuneration in crypto-currency as well (yield). It’s comparable to dividend stocks: you’re going to receive interest just for holding cryptocurrency, it’s as simple as that.

To buy cryptocurrency, you can use the Coinbase exchanger.


Stone is the favorite investment of the French. It’s palpable, that we invest in something concrete, and the property increases in value over time (if we bought at the right price and in the right location!). Each month, you repay part of the capital (a kind of forced savings) and moreover, you can have your loan repaid by a tenant, or even generate profits (cashflow) in the context of rental property investment. However, if on paper real estate is very interesting, it has many disadvantages:

  • choose and manage tenants who are not often careful about housing;
  • risk of non-payment;
  • risks of deterioration;
  • the neighborhood that can evolve in the wrong direction and devalue your home;
  • manage works, repairs, claims, etc.

It is these risks that sometimes block some people from investing in real estate. But what if I told you that you can invest in real estate having only the advantages, without the disadvantages? It is possible with the SCPI!

SCP (real estate investment companies) are companies that will invest your money in real estate, mainly professional real estate (offices, commercial premises, etc.). These companies will invest in large projects such as corporate buildings and generally have large groups as clients. The SCPIs will then be able to pay part of the rent each month to the holders of the shares.

Thanks to SCPIs, you, therefore, invest in real estate with advantages, but not disadvantages. The SCPI makes it possible to obtain yields of between 3 and 6% net.

If you want to know more about the SCPI:

An SCPI, what is it?

Investing in SCPIs


Again, you will be able to invest your money at a high yield thanks to crowdlending, without making great efforts. You will lend money to companies that will then return it to you by adding interest, as a traditional bank can do. The only difference is that several small savers will lend the money to the company, which minimizes the risk for you of losing a large capital. For each financing project, you can start lending from €50. These are therefore relatively small sums. In crowdlending, interest rates are particularly attractive. On United for example, a crowdlending platform where I invested €520 on several projects, I received a rate of return of 4.48%!

Be careful, however, who says high returns also says a high risk of capital loss. See in our example, of the €520, €20.88 is in default. This means that companies I have lent to have not been able to honor their drafts for various reasons.

Despite everything, it is 100% passive! I set up a direct debit and each month, a robot invests my money for me according to the criteria that I defined upstream.


Even though the Internet business is not strictly speaking a passive income in my opinion, insofar as it requires a lot of work, I include it here in the list of earnings that can be earned while sleeping because the Internet business does not require a daily physical presence. You create businesses then they run on their own, in particular thanks to referencing on Google and YouTube, the 2 largest search engines in the world. This means that your products/services are visible at any time of the day or evening. While you sleep, your business works for you.

Sell ​​online courses

Do you have skills in a field and/or do you have a passion? So you can train people on this. As long as you have more than a year of experience in a field, you know more than 95% of people! However, these same people wishing to acquire these skills are ready to pay to acquire them. On a platform like Udemy, you can offer your training, and then the platform will take care of the rest: hosting, sales, traffic acquisition, after-sales service management, sending the training, etc. You don’t have to do anything except creating your formation, and create others to earn even more!

print on demand

print on demand

Print on demand (POD) is a technique for printing graphics on personalized clothing and objects. You will put designs on t-shirts, sweaters, caps, mugs… This will make the product totally unique! POD is also a commercial technique because, as its name suggests, the product is printed on demand. You do not need to buy stock, specialized platforms will print the product as soon as it is ordered and send it to customers. It’s kind of a derivative of dropshipping. Your job will therefore be to create designs, upload them online, and… you will sell your products while you sleep! The most well-known platform in this sector is called Printful.


The blog is a passive business par excellence. Often based on natural referencing for the acquisition of traffic, a blog receives traffic every day if the blogger has succeeded in this step of referencing in search engines. The blogger will provide quality content, get it listed, and then receive free traffic to their articles for years. Every day, hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people will connect to the blogger’s site and be able to earn money in different ways: advertising, affiliation, sale of products, etc. To see: 20 methods to earn money with a blog. If you are comfortable with writing, I advise you to get started because contrary to what some say, the blog is not dead, far from it!


YouTube works on the same principle as a blog except that it is not about text, but about the video. You will create videos on topics related to the niche of your YouTube channel, then receive traffic in 2 ways: thanks to people who will search on YouTube or by video suggestions. Again, the traffic is 100% free and will allow you to promote your products and services. YouTube allows you to earn money while sleeping because your videos are visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, YouTube is 100% free. It certainly takes a little equipment, a lot of elbow grease and good ease in the video to get started, but that’s all to make money on YouTube!

Become a book author

JK Rowling, the English author of Harry Potter, has sold over 500,000 million books! JK Rowling doesn’t want to, I grant you that… But you too, on your own scale, can become an author. You don’t need to be published by a publishing company, you don’t need to be famous, you don’t need to go on TV shows to promote your book: you can do it without all that, thanks to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

Amazon, via KDP, indeed allows you to self-publish. You can publish your books on the platform for free, then Amazon will print it on demand if it’s a paperback that was ordered, or just send the file if it’s an ebook. Amazon will also manage after-sales service, refunds, etc. You have nothing to do! All you need is word processing software like Word or Google Docs, and of course, time to write and publish your book on Amazon. Thanks to Amazon, your books will be seen by thousands of people every day for free. No need for expensive publicity like publishers does publicize the book! No need either to write a 300-page book,

Amazon KDP revenue

On my small scale, I started publishing books and I sell between 40 and 70 a month, or about 500-600 books a year. Not bad is not it ?!

Make money filming yourself sleeping

What if you could just make money by filming yourself sleeping? No, no I haven’t lost my mind… It’s totally possible. Yes, the joys and madness of the Internet! The principle is simple: the influencers film themselves sleeping and the spectators must try to wake them up. To do this, viewers can pay by making a donation or by taking out a subscription, to have the possibility of emitting a sound on the speaker of the influencer in order to wake him up. For example, spectators can broadcast metal music or even bagpipes to achieve their ends. An American videographer has also won $5,000 during his “sleep stream” in one night. It’s happening on Twitch, the famous streaming platform!

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