My opinion on this neo-bank online

mon avis sur cette néo-banque en ligne

You know, if you follow my blog regularly, that I often talk about online banks, especially Hello bank! I like online banking because it really saves money on bank charges. As a blogger on budget management, I am particularly committed to reducing expenses! Today I will tell you about another of them, the N26 bank. So, I will present this online bank to you in detail: who is this bank, what services are offered, and how much does it really cost? Etc. ! Here is my review of N26.

Presentation of N26

N26 is a so-called German online neo-bank created in 2013. Why N26? Because the famous game Rubik’s Cube is made up of 26 colored cubes. This game, if the right strategy is used, can be over in minutes. With this name, the neo-bank wanted to simplify a very complex world! Indeed, with N26, you can open a current account without any particular resource condition. In a few days, you then receive your credit card, you have a RIB and you can carry out all types of operations. Of course, N26 has a banking license. Everything is dematerialized via the application: registration, credit card management, transfers, etc.

Register on N26

N26 in a few figures

year of creation 2013
The bank is present in 24 countries
Number of clients 2.5 million in Europe
Number of employees 500
Funds raised since its creation More than 50 million euros
banking license Yes
Sponsorship Program Yes, 15€ offered per validated referral (See my guide on N26 sponsorship) 
Slogan “banking by design”
Customer service 01 86 26 29 91
The head office Klosterstrasse 62, 10179 Berlin

N26 offers

For simplicity, N26 offers 3 offers for individuals: a free package (the package called N26) and 2 paid packages (the N26 black and N26 metal packages). Here is the price list of the different offers:

N26 N26 black N26 metal
cost: 0€ cost: €9.90 cost: 16.90€
5 free withdrawals/month in euros (then €2/withdrawal) 5 free withdrawals/month in euros (then €2/withdrawal) 5 free withdrawals/month in euros (then €2/withdrawal)
Free card payments in all currencies Free card payments in all currencies Free card payments in all currencies
1.7% fee on withdrawals in a foreign currency Free withdrawals in all foreign currencies Free withdrawals in all foreign currencies
Allianz Insurance Allianz Insurance
Classic customer service Classic customer service Dedicated customer service
Exclusive partner offers

The free offer is already very useful because you can have a bank account, a RIB to receive and send money, a free credit card and the possibility of making 5 free withdrawals/month. As soon as you go abroad, I advise you to switch to the N26 black offer. The N26 metal offer is more for customers carrying out a lot of operations and who need to have dedicated customer service, knowing that traditional customer service is already very responsive.

N26 also offers 2 offers for professionals:

N26 business N26 business black
cost: 0€ cost: €9.90
5 free withdrawals/month in euros (then €2/withdrawal) 5 free withdrawals/month in euros (then €2/withdrawal)
0.1% cashback on all your online purchases 0.1% cashback on all your online purchases
Free card payments in all currencies Free card payments in all currencies
1.7% fee on withdrawals in a foreign currency Free withdrawals in all foreign currencies
Allianz Insurance
Commitment: no Commitment: yes, 12 months

As a self-employed person, you must have a separate account from your personal account. N26 has thus thought of this type of entrepreneur, these offers only target this category (micro-entrepreneurs now): traditional companies cannot create a business account and must then turn to other banks.

As an individual or micro-enterprise who travels often, this bank makes perfect sense. To register, click below:

Register on N26

Open an N26 bank account

N26 prides itself on opening an account very quickly. Indeed, on their site, they clearly display the color: they open an account for you in 8 minutes! Here is how to open an N26 bank account:

Prerequisites: To open a bank account, you need a passport or identity card, an email address, and a postal address to receive the credit card. You don’t need proof of residence, which makes life easier. You must also be over 18 to open an account.

Step 1/ Download the smartphone application available on Google play and the Apple store.

Step 2/ Follow and fill in the requested information.

Step 3/ Validate your identity by a teleconsultant via live chat: he will take your picture, as well as your identity card or passport. You must have good video quality for this to work.

Step 4/ Once validated, the account is opened and you have your RIB.

Step 5/ Within a week, you will receive your credit card.

Step 6/ You just have to make a withdrawal for the card to be activated.

The N26 blue card

The N26 blue card is not a credit card but a debit card. This type of card works like classic Electron cards. The debit card queries your bank when you make a payment, so you only spend the money you have. This is good for managing your budget, but it can be restrictive when you pay at gas stations or for a deposit in the context of accommodation or a car… For example, for self-service gas stations. service, the station will take €150 directly from you and then return the difference between what you have consumed and all of it. But hey, the debit card is still completely free!

Via the application, you can choose your credit card code and change it at any time: ideal if you forget something and don’t want to line up the wrong codes at the risk of having your card swallowed! You can also modify your payment and withdrawal limits, prohibit online payments, block your credit card remotely and then reactivate it (if you find your card after having lost it, for example). The card is also equipped with 3Dsecure, for more security when shopping online. It also has NFC technology, which allows contactless payment in all equipped stores (up to €25).

N26 fees

N26 may offer a free offer and card, but nothing is really free in life! Here is the list of fees that may result from the management of an N26 account:

  • €2/withdrawal from the 5th withdrawal in the month: it quickly becomes expensive, especially if you withdraw for example €20 (that’s 10% of the amount!). Centralize your withdrawals to make a maximum of 5/month.
  • 1.7% commission on foreign currency withdrawals (free if you have a paid subscription).
  • €10 to replace his card: in case of loss, you must pay €10 to receive a new card.

Fund your N26 account

As you will have understood, this is an online bank, so you cannot fund your account with cash or with a check. You will necessarily have to go through a classic account and then make a transfer to the N26 account. If you receive checks, this can be binding. Ditto if you have a job where you have a lot of cash, like in catering and hairdressing for example. The only way to fund your account is with transfers.

N26 Services

We will now see the different services offered by N26.

Manage your budget

Via its application, N26 offers to manage your budget. This automatically categorizes your expenses, but you can of course customize this tracking.

You can create your own tags, always with the aim of better managing your budget. You can also export all your transactions. In addition, you receive notifications each time something happens on your account: transfer, withdrawal, payment by card… Another feature that I particularly like: you can create “spaces”. Basically, space is like a personal kitty: you will create one with an objective, for example buying a new computer, paying your taxes, traveling to the United States… You will be able to put a financial objective and, all months, so you can put money in those spaces. The money is then blocked, you cannot use it for anything else, and once the objective is reached, the space is released and you can then pay.


Moneybeam makes it very easy to send money between N26 users, with either their phone number or their email address. To do this, you must have activated the feature. The recipient then instantly receives the money in his account.

Travel Insurance

The N26 bank has partnered with Allianz. With paid plans, you are covered for:

  • emergency medical expenses abroad and you benefit from 24-hour medical assistance;
  • the delay of your luggage or your flight when you waited more than 4 hours;
  • your mobile phone in case of theft;
  • your withdrawals, in the event of aggression, when you go to withdraw money from the ATM and up to 4 hours after your withdrawal.

You also benefit from an extended warranty for products purchased with the N26 card, whether stolen or damaged.

Register on N26

Transfer possible in several currencies

If you need to make transfers in currencies other than the euro, it is possible thanks to N26, in partnership with Transferwise. You can make transfers in 18 different currencies: AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, NOK, NZD, PLN, RON, SEK, SGD, TRY and USD.

Apple pay/Google pay

With the N26 smartphone application, you have Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods. We know that payment methods of this type will develop more and more, so it’s always interesting to be able to pay this way.

Responsive and reachable customer services everywhere

Even if N26 is an online bank, it is easily reachable. For proof, you can contact her on several media:

consumer loan service

Most banks offer this type of service. Initially, N26 didn’t do this but for some time now it has. In partnership with Younited Credit, N26 offers consumer credit. They range from €1,000 to €50,0000 and you can go up to 72 months (6 years) to repay your consumer loan. Via the application, you have a proposal immediately and the final answer within 24 hours. The signature is electronic, so you don’t need to bother with the paperwork. Once this is done, you receive the funds directly into your bank account.

Cashback on the card of 0.1% of the number of purchases

You all know Igraal, the number one cashback site that reimburses you for part of your online purchases. N26 also offers this functionality: for each online purchase, you receive 0.1% of the order amount in your account. Coupled with Igraal, you then increase your cashback and it’s always taken! This offer is only available to paying business customers.

Sponsorship offer

N26 offers, like all its colleagues, a sponsorship program. To be honest, it’s not the best on the market. N26 thus offers €15 per referral who opens an account (when others offer at least €50, like Hello bank!). In addition to that, there is no welcome bonus for those who register, which is not very motivating either.

Tax declaration

When you open an account abroad (even in Europe), you must declare it to taxes. When you go to file your tax return, you will need to tick the 8UU box “Accounts opened, used or closed abroad” and attach Cerfa form number 3916. You must also add your tax number via the application. To do this, you must go to account information > tax information, then you just have to fill in your tax number. I insist on the fact that you must do it, otherwise, you risk having your bank account closed!

My opinion on N26

As you will have understood, I highly recommend N26 for those, like me, who are tired of paperwork and are fans of new technologies, but also for those who travel, for micro-entrepreneurs… You can have a bank account quickly in just 8 minutes and configure your credit card as you wish. The application also allows you to effectively manage your budget. Everything has been really thought out to make your life easier! I also like the transparency side of the prices. Have you ever seen a standard bank fee schedule? It’s incomprehensible! There, in a few clicks on the site, we know the real costs we will pay. However, as with all online banks, there are some drawbacks. You do not have the option of making cash or check deposits, as there is no physical branch. Also, the account is domiciled in Germany and when you sign up for the paid account, there is a 12-month commitment. For the moment, this type of bank cannot be used alone, you must have an account in a physical bank to be able to carry out the few operations that can only be done in an agency. Apart from these few drawbacks, you can register on N26 without any problem!

See my opinion on N26 in the video

Register on N26

Have you tested N26? What did you think of it? What do you see as the benefits of using N26? What are the disadvantages? React in the comments!

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