Can holiday vouchers be used for food shopping?

Can holiday vouchers be used for food shopping?

You benefit from holiday vouchers for your holiday budget, as is the case for more than four million French people. For example, you have obtained ANCV holiday vouchers (HASgovernment notNational vschecks vacances) and you want to spend them on grocery shopping.

You can ask questions: is it possible?

If so, in which brand can I spend my holiday vouchers?

In this guide, we will answer all your questions in detail.

Find out where and how to spend your holiday vouchers to do your food shopping.

Can we do our food shopping with holiday vouchers?

As their name suggests, holiday vouchers are intended for holiday-related purchases: accommodation, catering, travel, transport, culture, sports, etc.

In France, more than 200,000 establishments authorize this method of payment. With holiday vouchers, you can:

  • book a hotel ;
  • pay for an amusement park, a zoo, a museum, a cinema ticket;
  • some restaurants;
  • a plane or train ticket;
  • the toll ;
  • a colony and of course
  • a stay.

However, you cannot pay for your groceries with. You can only use your ANCV holiday vouchers in the travel agencies of large surfaces: Carrefour, Auchan, Lidl, Leclerc…

Although you cannot use holiday vouchers for your shopping, you can still use your holiday vouchers in several catering brands, such as:

  • mcdonalds,
  • quick burger,
  • Pizzeria del Arte,
  • Leon of Brussels,
  • Courtepaille Grill,
  • Buffalo Grill…

Here are some tips for having cash with your holiday vouchers

Buy a product in a fast food restaurant

Some fast food restaurants give change! You see what I mean ? You can use the change for your shopping.

Here’s the trick: you can buy, for example, a €1 hamburger at McDonald’s, pay with a holiday voucher and receive the difference in cash.

You can then use these cash to do your shopping.

Attention ! This trick does not work every time or in all brands.

In the same brand, from one restaurant to another, it may or may not work, but you can still test.

Resell your checks on Leboncoin

With this trick, everyone is a winner: the buyer as well as the seller. The trick is to resell your holiday vouchers on Leboncoin cheaper than their true value.

A clarification? Let me explain: let’s imagine that you have checks for €200, you are going to resell them for €150, for example…

Test a higher price first, and every 3 or 4 days lower the price a little if the checks still haven’t gone.

It’s a win/win situation, the seller of holiday vouchers on Leboncoin will get cash and the buyer will pay less for his checks.

If you’ve tried any of these tips, share your feedback in the comments, explaining whether the tip worked or not.

In which stores can holiday vouchers be used?

When you are in front of a physical store, those who accept holiday vouchers display the following badge on their storefront:

This means that the store accepts holiday vouchers. However, the macaroon may not be visible, the best is always to ask the seller directly.

To find out in which brand you can use your holiday vouchers, also consult this page:

You can type the name of the sign in the search bar, as well as the city and click on “search” to find out about the available signs, as well as the activities that you can carry out.

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